With reference to your article 'Another Gorse Hill trader calls it a day' EA, July 12.

Firstly we would like to point out an inaccuracy in the article.

You stated that Michael Wills MP had on receiving our petition in April, promised to write to all of the 2,400 signatories individually.

Initially he was under the impression that the petition contained around 240 signatures and it was his intention to write to individuals on the petition.

However, he has, and continues to provide balanced, considered and enthusiastic support for the campaign to halt the decline of Gorse Hill, and has a genuine concern for the uniqueness of the area which more locally-based elected representatives appear to be lacking.

In a letter from Swindon Borough Council informing us about the meeting scheduled for July 29, it was stated that local councillors would be in touch with traders in the area to hear their views and to try to find a solution to the traffic system problems/bus service reductions etc.

To date we are not aware of anyone being contacted by any of the local council representatives.

We are wondering just how much more evidence is needed to prove that the new traffic light system does not work.

First you have a petition of 2,400 signatures (which incidentally were collected in just two weeks), two businesses closed down, takings substantially reduced for most of the traders still running not to mention the approximate 17 accidents that have been caused.

We understood Mr Fanning is supposed to be one of our local councillors for Gorse Hill. Are we wrong to presume that he is not supporting any of the traders?

We find his comments regarding Stuart Henderson exceptionally offensive if we close does the same comment apply to the rest of us? Yes, there are other butchers in town but no others in this area who are prepared to offer a service to the high elderly population of this community who may just want one item rather than a pre-packed half a cow.

With regards to As Big As You Like Lingerie in particular, they are very specialised in the goods and services they provide and there are no similar retailers within at least a 40-mile radius, so in this instance how would Mr Fanning equate a town centre provision for this?

Surely planning considerations would dictate that to allow conversions such as the old Palace cinema into 28/30 flats that these people are going to want to shop and live in a vibrant and thriving community. Gorse Hill has at present a shopping area that can offer most things people require, a good sense of community and is a great place to both live and work.

If Mr Fanning and his colleagues would care to visit and spend some time in the area at some point in the not too distant future, they may just realise what stands to be lost. By the way we have an excellent optician in Gorse Hill (for the time being) and it would provide an opportune moment to check if the 'rose coloured glasses' need to be adjusted just a little bit more.

On behalf of Gorse Hill Framing

As Big As You Like Lingerie

George Lesley Florists

The Green Hut

Mel Mays

As Big As You Like Lingerie

Cricklade Road

Gorse Hill