I WOULD like to comment on your article Another Gorse Hill trader closes, Saturday July 12, 03.

I do not know if this latest episode in the crossroad saga has added to the local traders' dilemma. What I do know is until this latest fiasco never did I have to queue to come off the dual carriageway into Gorse Hill.

What I really object to was Maurice Fanning's comment saying how safe these crossroads are. What rubbish they are even more dangerous. It is only due to the alertness of the much maligned motorist that there hasn't been a serious accident yet.

As an exercise a friend and myself last Friday counted 18 people crossing on red, when we asked one woman why she did it her reply was she didn't notice any difference and she had right of way.

Please have one more go. May I suggest notice as follows "Give way to traffic from right." Metal fencing around corners taking pedestrians away from corners back to where crossings used to be. These would be no different to various places in Swindon.

I will make no charge for this advice apart from saying this is what the Gorse Hill community wants, ignore their wishes at your peril Maurice.


Gorse Hill