IT was with some shock that I read your article, Shock Zero Score for Ambulance Service.

Having worked for Wiltshire Ambulance Service for many years, I took it as a slight on mine and my colleagues' professional reputations.

During the last year I can say that in all the time I've worked as a paramedic, I have never been more busy assisting the public. As one of the staff working the Rapid Response cars I do on average 10-15 jobs a day.

Like many parts of the NHS umbrella I would agree that we are understaffed, but for the Government to expect that an ambulance gets from the town centre into Wootton Bassett in eight minutes during rush hour is ludicrous.

If we are expected to achieve these targets laid down by Government Ministers then two things should be done:

1. The government should provide more money enabling the ambulance service to employ more staff and buy more ambulances.

2. The public should question if a torn fingernail, sore tooth or many other minor ailments really demand a 999 call with highly skilled staff ending up dealing with social problems while the valid patient ends up waiting.

I am proud to work as a paramedic for the Wiltshire Ambulance Service and support my Chief Executive D Lauder fully in the changes he is trying to implement.

What I do not understand however is why, when we fail to reach the targets set by Government, do they then reduce funds therefore making our job much harder with reduced financial help.

Maybe instead of ending the article asking for readers to write in concerning a delay in getting an ambulance you could ask the public to write in with letters pointing out how without our intervention many lives have been improved and the difference the service has made to them.


Swindon Ambulance Station