BUSINESSMAN Rob Thompson has said he will have to consider moving his business out of Pewsey if the village does not get Broadband Internet connection very soon.

Mr Thompson, better known as the chairman of Pewsey Vale Football Club, said he will have to consider moving to an area with Broadband connection, or even to Tunisia, where he has business premises, if the situation does not improve soon.

BT has said that, because of the cost of installing broadband equipment in local telephone exchanges, it needs an indication of how many people would use the service if it was provided. The trigger for Pewsey is 250 but only 170 people have declared an interest so far.

Mr Thompson says if things do not improve, 12 jobs intended for local people could be in jeopardy.

He said: "I have managed to start up the company, dealing in software for the marketing industry. Broadband is a vital necessity for me and if there is no prospect of Pewsey getting that facility, I could be forced to move out.

"That is the last thing I want to do. I have always been a supporter of local business and it is going to be a great nuisance for me to have to move out, lock, stock and barrel.

"I don't understand why BT can put the service into Marlborough but not Pewsey. The Government talks a lot about keeping communities together but does little to put it into practice."

Meanwhile, Poulshot businessman Mike Wilson has been busy canvassing his neighbours to raise interest in a form of Broadband connection being offered by Hungerford-based FDM Broadband.

Mr Wilson said his business was suffering from not being able to link up to Broadband but the package offered by FDM, which delivers Broadband connection via a radio link, could be the answer to his problems.

He said: "The chances of Poulshot and Seend going on Broadband with BT are remote. This is already impacting on rural businesses. One firm in Poulshot is giving up and moving out because it can't get Broadband "

Mr Wilson last week delivered leaflets about the FDM proposals to all households and businesses in Poulshot, Seend, Worton and Marston.

James Ryan, the sales and marketing manager at FDM, said his company only needed a trigger level of 40 to 50 prospective subscribers to make it a viable proposition to bring Broadband into a village through a radio link.

He said: "Each house would be fitted with a six-inch aerial and a client box the size of a small stereo.

"Once we get sufficient subscribers, we could get Broadband connection up and running in five weeks."

For more details contact FDM on (01488) 644688, e-mail or visit