ARACHNAPHOBES beware, a new spider board game has been invented by Pewsey fifth former Sally Mortimer.

Sally, 16, invented the game, simply called Spider, as part of her design and technology GCSE course work at Pewsey Vale School.

Philip Hussey, head of design and technology, set fifth year students the challenge of designing board games as part of exam course work.

Sally, who lives in Pewsey, designed a board game where the players have to move pieces shaped like flies around a web and avoid getting caught by the spider. She formed the lifelike spider in plastic.

Sally, who starts at New College in Swindon in September, said she had considered entering the game in a young inventors TV competition but had decided against it.

She said: "It was just a one-off."

Another board game was a Monopoly-style game invented by fifth former, Mark Taylor, but with the streets named after roads in Pewsey.

Mr Hussey said: "A lot of parents at the open night were very interested to see which category their homes fell into."