IF more computer users in Pewsey register an interest in Broadband the service could be provided within as little as three months, campaigners claim.

BT says it needs at least 250 people to register an interest in taking the service, which speeds up Internet access, before it will spend £100,000 on upgrading the necessary equipment at the Pewsey exchange.

Local Broadband campaigner Dave Venman said: "Faster access to the Internet for homes and business in Pewsey could be as little as three months away if a new campaign to kick-start local interest in Broadband takes off.

"To make it worthwhile BT needs at least 250 people to register at www.getonandgetit.co.uk

"Once the target is reached BT promises to upgrade the exchange within six to ten weeks. With over two thirds of the target reached, the local campaign still needs 80 more registrations to make its target."

Mr Venman, who runs a computer based business, added: "The advantages of Broadband are evident but people need to register their interest otherwise nothing will happen.

"Since the campaign started in earnest a week ago the number of new registrations has increased sharply but more are still needed. If you live in Pewsey and want to convince BT to spend its money all you have to do is Get On and Get it."

All BT requires is a registration of interest not a binding commitment to take up Broadband when it is eventually provided.