MULTIPLE sclerosis sufferer Peter Philpot was horrified after a burglar climbed into his bedroom while he was sleeping and stole cash he had saved up for his wife.

Mr Philpot, 54, of Cowbridge Crescent, Malmesbury, had given £230 as a present to his wife Lynn, 53, that day, after doctors had given her the all clear.

Mrs Philpot, who had just got over complications from a chest abscess, was planning to go into town to spend the money but it was too hot so she stayed at home, leaving the money in her handbag in the kitchen.

Mr Philpot said he was amazed he did not wake up when the intruder climbed through his bedroom window, just inches away from him, on July 14.

He said: "I am usually a very light sleeper, but I didn't hear a thing."

Mr Philpot's MS means he suffers with muscular spasms in the heat. The night of the burglary was very warm so he kept the window open to keep cool.

He took a pill to help him sleep and his wife went to sleep in the other room so his movement did not disturb her.

The couple only realised they had been burgled when a neighbour found Mrs Philpot's handbag flung in her back garden with only the cash taken.

Mrs Philpot then noticed one of the ornaments on the bedroom windowsill had been moved and realised the burglar must have got through the window and crept into the kitchen, only to escape through the same window.

"We don't normally have cash in the house so it was Sod's law it would happen that night," said Mr Philpot.

"Lynn was rushed into Bath Royal United Hospital a few weeks ago when an abscess on her chest burst and we had a letter that day giving her the all clear. We were so chuffed."

HIs wife was in hospital for ten days and came down with a form of pneumonia.

Mr Philpot said: "She thought she was dying. The doctors were really worried about her. She lost so much weight."

Mrs Philpot had been planning to spend some of the £230 on clothes and put the rest towards a holiday.

Mr Philpot, who was diagnosed with MS 26 years ago, believes he may have been targeted because he is in a wheelchair and the offender may have seen him earlier in the day sitting outside in his chair.

The couple, who have lived in the house for 13 years, have three daughters who all live in Wiltshire and they were very concerned when they heard about the burglary.

Police believe the burglary was linked to three others in the area on the same night.