Wootton Bassett residents are still waiting to be told whether they will have a 100 ft mast installed behind their homes.

Network Rail originally planned to put the mast behind New Road, just yards away from residents' gardens.

But, after a petition signed by 400 people and pressure from the town and district councils, Network Rail announced in May it would look at other sites.

Petition organiser Richard Penning said: "We are still cautiously optimistic, and the fact they are looking at other sites is encouraging, especially as they weren't looking anywhere else before we planned out petition."

But, after months of waiting, residents are still worried.

Mr Penning said: "They said they would write and tell us when they had made the final decision, but no-one knows how long that is going to take, and there is still the threat of that huge mast hanging over us."

Network Rail spokesman Calum Coins said: "As soon as the council raised the objection, that started our own review processes.

"Because the mast is on our land and is required for the safe movement of trains we are not obliged to consult with the council, but we always try to take their views into consideration.

"We want to be good neighbours, and not ride roughshod over local objections and that is why we have started to look for some alternative sites that will hopefully be more acceptable to Wootton Bassett residents.

"We are restricted in that these sites need to be on our land and need to be linked to other masts in the area, but we always try and be accommodating."