Wootton Bassett Town Council has criticised North Wiltshire District Council's attitudes on employment and environmental issues affecting the town.

At the town council meeting on Thursday Mayor Marion Sweet urged local district councillors to bombard the council's regeneration officers with requests for crucial concerns to be addressed.

Town councillors said a five-pronged attack, involving North Wiltshire District Council, Wootton Bassett Town Council, the Business Forum, individuals and the MP for North Wiltshire, is vital.

Coun Chris Wannell said: "The main topic at the District Area 2 committee needs to be employment.

"The outlook is bleak following closure of St Ivel.

"This employment crisis is the most serious our town has faced for many years. We need meaningful jobs. Our High Street is getting devoid of proper shops; charity shops are a sign of a failing economy."

Members complained that although the district council claims to promote tourism, it has made no effort to restore Station Road public toilets, which have been out of use for well over a year, despite prominent direction signs from the High Street.

"This matter is not likely to get a hearing until October, but I will fight to get those toilets re-opened," said Coun Wannell.

"It is a public disgrace that people are urinating in doorways because nothing has been done to put this right.

"North Wiltshire District Council are thinking about not supplying public conveniences because they don't have a statutory responsibility to do this, but that would be a very retrograde step."

The town council rejected a request from the district council's principal urban designer, Julian Kashdan-Brown, for the town to fund four new litter bins at £650 each and and four tree grilles at £700 to £800, for the High Street enhancement.

Members said the district council spent £7.5 million in Calne, yet seemed reluctant to provide bins for Wootton Bassett.

Coun Wannell said: "They have done the dirty on us for years, and they should pay."