A PLACE at Worthing in the national finals next month beckons for the winners at Wiltshire men's championship semi-finals on Sunday.

The semis at Chippenham Town were originally scheduled to be played this Saturday but have been switched to the following day.

That is because they would have clash with Wiltshire's Middleton Cup quarter-final against Oxfordshire at Cheltenham.

Local players will feature in four of the five championship semi-finals pairs being the exception.

Wootton Bassett's Neil Smith, who accounted for Westlecot's England international Steve Warren 21-20 in the quarter-finals, faces either Graham Shadwell or Ben Hatton.

Bassett are also represented in the triples semi-finals where Richard Buckland, Hedley Bowen and Rob Clews play a trio from Marlborough.

In the fours Purton's quartet of Miles Roberts, Mark Wadsworth, Chris Cheesley and Ray Sowden must overcome home advantage to book a place at Worthing they face a Chippenham Town quartet.

The other triples semi-final featuring Westlecot's Mel Biggs, Neil Hope and Mark Dyer has been put back to Tuesday July 29. The Westlecot boys are playing on Sunday at Cheltenham in the regional finals of the new EBA Top Team competition.

For the same reason Hope's Wiltshire under 25 final against Russell Francis has been switched to today at Chippenham.

Semi-finals schedule

10am. Fours: M Savin, T Riccio, W Jones and S Heseltine (Chippenham T) v M Roberts, M Wadsworth, C Cheesley and R Sowden (Purton); A Frayling, T Bailey, R Wickham and M Trimble (Malmesbury) v G Woolley, A Wilson, P Frost and J Webb (Alderbury).

Triples: S Haddock, G Loney and V Kimber (Marlborough) v R Buckland, H Bowen and R Clews (Wootton Bassett).

2pm. Singles: N Smith (W Bassett) v Shadwell (Spencer Moulton) or Ben Hatton (Amesbury); Paul Macdonald (SM) v Keith Hutchens (Westinghouse).

2.30pm (approx). Pairs: M Savin and J Lucas (Chippenham Town) v M Litherland and N. Price (Cooper-Avon); M Oliver and M Webb (Holt) v C Stephens and T. Coward (Calne).

Tuesday July 29. Triples: N Hope, M Biggs and M Dyer (Westlecot) v. A Greenland, R Gainey and K Hutchens (Westinghouse).