FURIOUS town councillor Mercy Baggs is rallying public support to insist policing in Calne's town centre is improved after vandals damaged Calne's drop-in youth centre.

Police arrested two teenagers at the scene, recording the name of one and cautioning the other, but Coun Baggs said she is not satisfied with the police action.

Coun Baggs, who manages the drop-in centre, says she is planning to distribute a petition to shopkeepers in the town calling for police to have a bigger presence in the town centre and take a firmer stance on vandalism.

But police say they have done all they can within the confines of juvenile law after recording the two youngsters' names in the criminal system.

Inspector Simon Message, responsible for Calne police station, said: "We're well aware that there are vandalism problems in and around Calne and one thing we hope to do is provide more visible patrols, not only to reassure people, but also stop them."

Coun Baggs said: "I hope the parents are very proud of those two boys and the damage they have caused."

The two teenagers smashed the glass door at the centre last month ruining packs of drinks and damaging a mural.

Coun Baggs says she has had no compensation for the damage done to the centre, which relies on public charity, or an apology from the youngsters or their parents. She has considered naming and shaming the pair saying if youngsters are old enough to commit crimes they should be old enough to accept punishment for their actions.