ST JOSEPH'S Roman Catholic Primary School in Devizes, has received glowing reports in its latest Ofsted inspection.

Staff, parents, pupils and governors all have a share of the praise in the report from Dr Eric Peagam, who visited the school with his inspection team in June.

In its last inspection in 1998, St Joseph's was described as a very good school high praise in an Ofsted report.

In Dr Peagam's words it is now a highly effective school that achieves very high standards in a wide range of subjects and enjoys the esteem of its parents and the wider community".

Inspectors were impressed with the great strides made in the provision and use of information and communication technology, greatly helped by the new ICT suite. In the national curriculum tests in English, maths and science, the school is well above average.

Dr Peagam said: "Pupils take responsibility well. Relationships are a particular strength of the school and there is a very good racial harmony. The quality of teaching is very good.

Dr Peagam said: "Headteacher Barry Hickey has a clear vision for the school and a style of management that allows those around him to be equally effective. Financial management is significantly enhanced by the excellent work of the bursar, Angela Downing."

Chairman of governors Kevin Maidment said: "The Ofsted report, is a tribute to the whole school community."