IN early 1998 Sainsburys opened its doors in the centre of Calne the area of heaviest traffic

There is also Iceland, Kiwksave and Somerfields and the stores' food juggernauts now need to be dealt with.

There is no reason why these ponderous vehicles should drive right up to the back door of any of the four stores to deliver a small amount of, say pepper or watercress or what is a slow seller like kitchen cleaners.

For items like this the vehicles could stop on the bypass and off-load to their respective vans. All the big stores have their own vans and staff to do this. Some police supervision may be necessary here.

For a fortnight or so some people (duly authorised) should be stationed at the Liberal Club end of The Pippin to note all delivery juggernauts' registration numbers and what they carry, with another few people by or between Somerfields and Sainsburys to note where the deliveries are made.

After this period of monitoring then a start could be made to get at least some of them to use the bypass for off-loading and deliveries.

Should there be a quick delivery needed at the bypass with no store vans available then Calne has very good taxis which are quick, efficient and safe.

I do not know yet who would get this undertaking started but as it is a Calne town matter then who better than the Calne Town Council?