Again we see some drivers ignoring the speed limits on the A3102 between Lyneham and Calne.

There have been too many serious accidents and fatalities on this stretch for the police to ignore the dangers any more.

When are they going to prosecute offenders?

But there is another side to this story. Some drivers go far too slowly for good and safe passage of traffic along this road.

Some have been followed at 35mph in the 60mph section.

By all means observe the speed limits. But please ensure you are travelling at a speed that is legal, and commensurate with the conditions.

That means, conditions permitting, you should travel at a speed within the limit but close to it.

I remind drivers that the national speed limit for a single carriageway road, such as the A3102, is 60mph except where a lower limit is signed, such as through Hilmarton and down Snow Hill.

Please obey the limits, but make sure you know what the limit actually is.

The Highway Code explains them in detail, please buy one and read it.

Drive safely and legally, and help traffic to flow freely and smoothly.

You are not the only road user, others have an equal right to drive too.

M Perry