GLYNIS Lockhart married her son at Salisbury register office on Saturday when she conducted the marriage ceremony between Alistair Lockhart and his fiancee, Emma-Jane Baggs.

Mrs Lockhart is deputy superintendent registrar for Salisbury and has been in the registration service for more than 12 years.

She has conducted more than 250 marriages but said none was quite the same as marrying her own son.

"Even though the Salisbury register office is where I am based and it is my son I married, I still had to obtain the permission of the registrar-general's office to conduct this marriage," said Mrs Lockhart.

Alistair and Emma-Jane went to infants' and primary school together in Monmouth, South Wales.

They parted at the age of eight, when the Lockharts moved away from the area, and did not keep in touch with each other.

But in 2001, more than 12 years later, they met up again through the website Friends Reunited and arranged to meet.

Four months later, they were engaged to be married.

Mrs Lockhart added: "The wonderful staff at the register office were also caught up in all the excitement that comes with a wedding.

"They really enjoyed being able to throw confetti at the newly married couple, instead of just watching the hundreds-upon-hundreds of families who have done the same over the years."