I AM sure people must recover far better and more quickly when they are cared for in a hospital near to their own home than in one which it them and their visitors up to one or even two hours or more to reach.

Our Primary Care Trust has let us down very badly.

Why can't it sell it lavish and extremely expensively built Southgate House to a developer to build houses and flats on its land?

The money from this could pay to improve and extend the present hospital and the PCT could find a cheaper office to work in.

It would be interesting to know what salaries and bonuses the officers of the PCT have received in the last few years.

Also what real efforts have they made to keep our present hospital?

I expect that many contributions from people in and around Devizes would also help if added to the developer's money from Southgate House.

Why should a rapidly expanding town like Devizes be treated in such a detrimental, off-hand way, particularly as the hospital is rated so highly by the local people?