FORMER Swindon mayor Stan Pajak (Lib Dem, Eastcott) will tonight call for a debate on further integration with the European Union and will urge fellow councillors to adopt a pro-European stance.

He believes that there will be great advantages to all our security and prosperity in working with our EU neighbours.

He will call on the chief executive of Swindon Council, Simon Birch, to make a written representation to the Prime Minister and solicit the support of the town's two MPs.

Coun Pajak, who was instrumental in helping Swindon achieve twin town status with its Polish counterpart Torun, will also speak out on what he believes would be the financial advantages to Swindon and its multitude of businesses in joining the Euro the single European currency and will call upon the Government to hold a referendum on membership of the Euro in this parliament.

Coun Pajak will tell fellow members at this evening's full council meeting that any change in the European Constitution could have an impact on the people of Swindon and that they should be able to have their say through a referendum.

The areas he believes could most impact on people are home affairs, transport, energy, social policy, economic and social cohesion and consumer protection and the environment.

Tonight's meeting is being held at the Civic Offices in Euclid Street, beginning at 7pm, and members of the public will be welcome to attend.

Call Swindon 463000 for further details.