THE damning indictment contained in your reports concerning "crumbling schools" in Swindon; presumably built under the aegis of Wiltshire County Council building inspectors demands nothing less than a public inquiry. (EA, June 19).

This latest scandal follows the discovery of more than 80 Wiltshire schools with defective or missing roof fixtures.

Swindon Borough Council should commission an independent survey of these cowboy constructions, and present its findings to Wiltshire County Council with a demand that they meet the costs of repairs; and if necessary backed by court actions.

Why were no maintenance clauses and guarantees against faulty work included when the contracts to build these schools were drawn-up similar to those applying to the Great Western Hospital?

Swindon Council should also refuse point blank to increase council tax in order to meet the cost of these school repairs brought about by the failure of Wiltshire County Council building inspection procedures.


Beckhampton St