I wanted to write in reply to the latest criticism of the pubs down Fleet Street and Bridge Street that was featured in the paper about the regeneration plans for our town.

How quick people are to forget how run down that part of town was.

One third of the shops closed, another third closing. The pubs made the start of regenerating this town. These 'evil' pubs actually support the town, bringing in money to the council through business rates and donations to local charities.

The people that complain about this area are the same that think all youths are out to start fights and rob old ladies.

During my time on nights out on the town, I very rarely see a police presence. I don't doubt there has been trouble but the way that the pubs are all in the one area of town makes it easy to monitor.

CCTVs, as promised for many years, would make it even easier.

I would actually like to see a pub in town that had live music every night.

Let's stop moaning Swindon. If you have actually tried and don't like the bottom of town because of its loud music and loads of young people in the one place then you know a place to miss.

Let's get the Brunel Centre and Wyvern Theatre extended, a library built.

I would also like to see a new purpose-built swimming pool to make up for the dilapidated Health Hydro.

But let's not let our discriminative beliefs about youngsters get in the way of this!

Jason Mckay