MACMILLAN Cancer Relief is calling all Wiltshire runners to join its team for the 2004 Flora London Marathon on Sunday April 18 and raise money to help people living with cancer.

Team Macmillan is one of the largest charity teams in the event, and is looking for runners from across Wiltshire to join them.

Runners from all over the county joined the 600-strong Team Macmillan last year raised nearly £780,000 for the charity. Team Macmillan welcomes runners who have obtained a place in the marathon ballot, but if you were unsuccessful, limited Macmillan Cancer Relief Golden Bond places are available if you commit to raising a minimum of £1,700 for the charity.

Sophie Randles from Team Macmillan said: "The London Marathon is only a few short months away so most runners will begin training in earnest.

"It will be hard to discipline yourself over the Christmas period and it may be that you need an added incentive - so when you join Team Macmillan, you will have more of a reason to run."

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For more information on joining Team Macmillan, call 020 7840 7878 or email

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