THE recent report from the Local Government Association states that council tax rises could be in the region of 12 per cent if more Government money is not forthcoming.

I am sure that the people of Swindon would not tolerate such an increase and Mr Frank Avenell would find that his Fairness for Pensioners campaign would become more popular than ever before.

Irrespective of what money is granted by the Government there should be no need for an increase above the rate of inflation.

Senior citizens and countless other council tax payers have to live within their budget and Swindon Council should do the same. True, many amenities would have to suffer and we would all have to do without certain things, but we senior citizens are well used to doing that.

We have seen rises year after year with little or nothing to show for them except more and more waste and non-essential spending.

Swindon Council should heed the warning that enough is enough.


Burden Close, Stratton St Margaret