UNEMPLOYED 28-year-old James Dickinson sent a text message saying goodbye to his friend Emma Hodge before hanging himself, an inquest has heard.

Girlfriend Sarah Roberts had earlier called him but she had got no reply.

But when she returned to the house that night she found him dead in the attic. Mr Dickinson, from Barley Close in Malmesbury, died at about 9.50pm on December 12 last year.

Assistant deputy coroner Richard Van Oppen recorded that Mr Dickinson took his own life.

There were no family or friends present during the inquest held in Salisbury on Monday.

Explaining the background to the case, Mr Van Oppen said that the deceased was moving house at the time and had credit difficulties.

He said a post-mortem report found Mr Dickinson had taken amphetamines and traces of cannabis and cocaine were found in his urine.

Mr Van Oppen added that Mr Dickinson was not taking medication at the time.

After finding him dead, the court heard Miss Roberts called in neighbours, Gordon Woodward, David Frayling and Margaret Frayling to help.