Josh Davis, nine, pictured above and left is a sample of the report calling him Sam 78447-08A SWINDON mum says she was disgusted when her son was sent home with a school report containing another pupil's name.

Nine-year-old Josh Davis' report from Robert Le Kyng primary school in Old Town contained a description of another boy's progress in geography instead of his.

Mum Claire Davis, 33, who works for Zurich, said the report also contained the wrong address, some spelling and grammatical errors and a sentence that had been duplicated.

She said: "The first thing I noticed was that they'd put the wrong home address for Josh on the report which was frustrating because we moved last March and the school are well aware of that.

"Then when I looked through it I noticed quite a few grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. "Then I saw that a sentence had been put in the geography section which read: 'Sam is progressing well'.

"I could not believe they put another child's name in my son's report.

"It just makes me think that they've copied and pasted things from the other child's report then didn't bother proofreading it.

"It gives the impression that they just don't care."

Claire, who has an 18-month-old daughter Shannon and lives with partner Steve McCourt, 37, who is in the RAF, was particularly upset as her son has difficulties with spelling at school.

"I feel very let down. We are very concerned about Josh's progress so a school report like this is quite important to us.

"It makes you wonder if they make mistakes with this what other mistakes are they making?"

Maran White, the headteacher of Robert Le Kyng said an apology would be made to the family.

She said: "Obviously I will telephone the mother in question.

"It is usual for these matters to be dealt with directly not through a third party.

"Teachers put the reports together using a programme called Report Assist.

"This is a bank of comments and teachers add appropriate comments to the child's report.

"It also contains all the information that relates to the National Curriculum."

She added: "All the reports are proof read but with any proof reading you cannot guarantee that every mistake will be picked up which is unfortunate.

"Obviously I shall apologise to anyone concerned."

Diana Milne