Young people in Aldbourne have a new website but there is concern that it is being confused with the village’s community web site.

The domain titles of the two web sites are virtually identical with the long-running village site called and the new one called It has been set up by local mum Hazel Keen who helps run the village’s award winning Youth Council.

However the committee that runs the original Aldbourne website is not happy because the names are so similar. Village website chairman Trish Rushen said: “It is causing confusion.”

They have asked Mrs Keen if she will take down her new website once a dedicated site for the village’s youth council has been revamped.

Mrs Keen, of Farm Lane, said she had set up her own website not in opposition to the village website set up ten years ago but mainly to provide a better forum for the village’s young people.

She said: “When we asked them they said they wanted to be able to get information about their activities around the community.”

Matt Gibbs from the Youth Council said it was using the new website until its own was revamped up and running in a couple of months time.

Matt, 19, said: “I think it’s a good idea because it’s a website where young people’s views can be put across. The Youth Council is in the process of doing up its own website but in the meantime we are happy to use the new one until our own is available.”