Councillors in Calne say they will mount a protest campaign if rumours that the town’s sorting office is to be moved more than ten miles away are proved to be true.

Rumours began circulating this week that a feasibility study has been carried out into moving the sorting office to Wootton Bassett, two years after a previous study to move the sorting office to either Chippenham or Wootton Bassett concluded it wasn’t feasible.

Councillors Mercy Baggs and Amanda Venton were outraged at the rumours and said they would do everything they could do ensure the sorting office remains in the town.

Coun Baggs said: “We went though this exact thing a couple of years ago when they said they wanted to close down the sorting office and take it to Wootton Bassett.

“We said before this is just not on, it wouldn’t work.

“Lots of old people in the town, as well as many others, would never be able to get there, the postmen are going to be based all that way away and it is just not suitable.

“I’ve said it before and I will say it again, they are trying to make Calne a dormitory town for Swindon.

“But with the new houses that are coming in to Calne, we are growing bigger and bigger, and we need these facilities, we desperately need them.

“This time we will stand out there with banners and we will protest.”

Coun Venton agreed. She said: “The rumour hasn’t got out yet but when it does, everyone will be against it.

“There is also a green issue involved in all of this. Everyone will have to travel and with the town getting bigger and more people shopping online, logistically there will be more post coming in so this just doesn’t make sense.

“I get the feeling that with the Post Office, they like to put an idea out there and see what kind of reaction they get, and if it is a violent one, they withdraw the idea.”

Retired postman Brian Godwin, of Braemor Road, said the lease on the building will run out in two years, but a move to Wootton Bassett would be the wrong one.

“They are going to have to go somewhere in two years time and they could re-lease the building, but I presume they don’t want to do that, or find somewhere else in Calne, but we have heard they want to look at moving to Wootton Bassett again,” he said.

“That would mean that anyone in Calne wanting to pick up a parcel would have to make a 20-mile round trip, which is ridiculous.

“Calne is a growing town, and this just sounds like a stupid idea.”

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “We constantly review the operational efficiency and commercial practicality of all our units from time to time.

“However, at present, there is no feasibility study for Calne delivery office nor have we any plans regarding the office.”