The mother of teenager Jay Ryles-Jenkins has made a desperate plea to get her son home from hospital where he remains nearly a year after he sustained a horrific brain injury.

The 17-year-old collapsed just minutes after leading Sheldon School to victory in a rugby game last March, and slipped into a coma.

He was airlifted to Frenchay Hospital in Bristol and medics gave him just a one per cent chance of survival.

Now, nearly a year on, mum Sue Jenkins of Silbury Close, Chippenham, is appealing for help to get her son home so she can give him 24 hour care.

She said: “After months of frantically contacting all the charities and agencies in the country that can help with Jay’s situation I find I am facing one barrier after another.”

She said she cannot get financial help to build an extension on her house to create a ground floor bedoom and wet room for Jay, with space for the monitors he needs.

“Once we have the house and Jay is home the charities and agencies have said they can help with all the cutting edge rehabilitation therapies and equipment.

“The neuro doctor said Jay is in a baby-like state at the moment, and all parents know babies need us because we know what is best for them.

“The staff at BIRU (Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit) and in all the Frenchay wards are wonderful, but I just want him with me.”

Jay has been in Frenchay since June last year, and has been rushed to A&E six times after being found in an out-of- control body spasm.

The most recent attack happened on Saturday when he was admitted to intensive care to be intubated and sedated after his heart rate reached 240bpm and his body temperature was 41c.

Ms Jenkins said: “These pain episodes never happen when I am with him as I can massage, position and reassure him to stop it in its tracks.

“Jay shows better awareness and communication by the day, and his recovery is hampered only by these muscle cramp episodes.

“A muscle relaxant is given and raised each time he has an attack, but it relaxes all Jay’s muscles including his swallowing and speech muscles, so his rehabilitation is hindered as he just sleeps until his body adjusts to the higher level of medicine until the next time.

“The unit can not offer the minute by minute care for Jay that he will be provided with by two nurses 24/7 once home, plus being with me, his brother and sister, marvellous friends and all his supporters.”

Ms Jenkins is asking for donations to help fund the equipment and adjustments needed for Jay to return home.

She said: “Please help get a home for Jay to come back to Chippenham as soon as possible by giving even £1.

“I know I am having to resort to begging, borrowing or stealing, and as the last two are not a possibility I am asking for people’s support and am humbled to beg to get Jay home.”

Donations can be sent to 5 Silbury Close, Chippenham, SN14 0QQ.