Treasures from museums in Devizes and Avebury have been selected among the 100 objects highlighted in the BBC’s current A History of the World.

Ten of the 100 are in Wiltshire and include a neolithic pot from the Alexander Keiller Museum in Avebury and the famous Bush Barrow gold lozenge in Wiltshire Heritage Museum in Devizes.

The pot was excavated by marmalade heir Alexander Keiller at Windmill Hill, Avebury, in the 1920s.

Bush Barrow, near Stonehenge, was excavated in 1808 by William Cunnington, a local wool merchant and amateur archaeologist. The lozenge was found on the skeleton in a grave.

More information available at ahistoryoftheworld

Wiltshire’s ten top objects:

1. Windmill Hill Neolithic pot (Alexander Keiller Museum, Avebury)

2. Bush Barrow gold lozenge (Wiltshire Heritage Museum, Devizes)

3. Walrus ivory chess piece (Salisbury and South Wilts Museum)

4. The Salisbury Giant (Salisbury and South Wilts Museum)

5. Handwritten copy of Thomas Hilliker’s last letter (Trowbridge Museum)

6. Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s walking stick (STEAM, Swindon)

7. Chinese emperor’s robe (The Rifles Museum, Salisbury)

8. Fanny Williams’ football boots (Swindon Museum and Art Gallery)

9. Bolt mechanism from Bergen-Belsen concentration camp (The Rifles Museum, Salisbury)

10. Bacon cooker, used for making Bath Chaps (Chippenham Museum and Heritage Centre)