Mystery lights in the skies above Chippenham in the early hours of Sunday morning have left people wondering if the town was visited by UFOs.

Dewi Jones of Chippenham said he noticed a series of bright orange orbs in the sky just after midnight on Saturday.

He said: "I had let the dog out in the garden when I noticed some strange lights in the sky over Chippenham. Strangely, they seemed to be flying in what I would describe as a formation, one behind the other and they appeared to be a uniform distance between them.

"They appeared not to be too high in the sky but did not make any sound.

"The sound of the Hercules and other aircraft that fly over Chippenham are distinctive, but there was certainly no sound from these moving lights."

He added: "They appeared to be flying over Chippenham from the Calne direction and then over Lyneham road turning right towards Lyneham.

"They appeared to be circular in shape giving off a bright orange light which didn't flicker at all, just a constant glow.

"There were no aircraft flashing lights on any of them."

Mr Jones sent a picture of the orbs he took as they sped away.

Pam O'Donnell contacted the Gazette to say her daughter had also seen the lights.

"My daughter and her boyfriend were walking home from a party , she rang me to say go outside. She could see orange objects in the sky, seven of them, flying along, no noise, they all stopped still and then continued," she said.

"I looked out with my daughter and we saw two of them going over, fast, no noise then they just disappeared.

"Research on the net shows similar sightings in chippenham, ufos? Military stuff? They can't be Chinese lanterns as surely they wouldn't all stop in a line then continue?"

Richard Hucker of Chipenham also got in touch. He said: "I counted 29 orange Balls travelling south nto north between 12.10 and 12.25 am when I was out having a cigarette before going to bed.

"The lights had no sound with them were just below the cloud cover and were not moving with the direction of wind or cloud.

"They were going faster than a plane but took about two minutes to go out of sight from the south to the north horizon.

"They were completly bright orange and all on the same course but moving at diffrent speeds, slowing and speeding up to catch up with each other."

Judith Salter contacted the Gazette to her daughter Cara and hfiancee Ashley Hopkins also saw the strange lights in the sky. She said: "There were around 30 lights which seemed to travel along seperately, group together, stay still, then seperate again. "My daughter was really frightened by this strange phenomenon as it was clear that they weren't aircraft or laser lights. " The following day we looked on the internet to see if anyone else had seen them with no luck. The only vaguely similar thing we could see when searching for pictures of strange lights in the sky were those large lanterns. Hhowever the way they were moving in the sky and the fact that it was puring with rain makes this extremely unlikely. "We would love someone to give us an explanation for these lights as my daughter found it a very un-nerving experience."

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