Inspiring choirmaster Gareth Malone is spreading the joy of singing on the BBC documentary The Choir and now teachers at the Malmesbury Music Academy are following suit.

The Academy, whose 110 students aged from 6-16 meet on Saturday mornings at Malmesbury Primary School, are celebrating their first year with the launch of a teaching pack for schools around the country.

‘Sing to Inspire’ includes an album of songs sung by Academy students and a teaching book explaining how to teach breathing techniques, lyrics and actions to primary school pupils.

Music Academy co-founder Angelique Martin and academy vocal tutor Birgitte Wymer are the architects behind the pack, and said the aim was to spread the message that singing can be fun, healthy and educational.

Miss Martin said: “We have founded Sing to Inspire to enthuse children and teachers to sing within schools and the community.

“The aim is to empower teachers and enable children to be inspired and enthused by music, by offering everything you need.”

The pack has gone down well in schools where it has been trialled. Helen Harris, the music teacher at Derry Hill Primary School, near Calne, said: “The book has helped to change their attitude towards music and they now show enthusiasm at the start of every lesson.”

Miss Martin is now hoping to launch an adult choir in the town. To sign up for the adult choir call the Malmesbury Music Academy on 07504 793040 or visit