Visitors to Wiltshire Heritage Museum in Devizes had a hands on role when they joined Stonehenge expert Julian Richards in building a model of the ancient monument.

A total of 160 visitors of all ages helped Mr Richards construct a trilithon in the car park behind the museum on Sunday. The structure, made out of cardboard and paper, and stood 14ft high.

Museum director David Dawson said: “Visitors to the museum enjoyed it so much. One family who arrived at 12.30pm were there for over two hours helping to make it.

“You can’t normally get close enough to the real Stonehenge to appreciate its size so by building this trilithon it gave people a sense of the scale of it.

“Julian has built a model of Stonehenge at other places and he said he enjoyed it this time the most out of all that he had done.”

The museum has an exhibition called Inspired by Stonehenge running until September 20.