Keith and Joan Padgham, who live in West Overton, are getting used to jokes about “is there a doctor in the house” since they both gained PhDs together at Swansea University.

Mr and Mrs Padgham, both 64, who gained first class honours in Egyptology and Ancient History seven years ago, got their PhDs in the same subjects on Monday last week.

The couple moved to Wiltshire 15 years ago, first in Avebury, then Overton.

They had a holiday in Egypt to celebrate Mr Padgham’s 50th birthday and fell in love with the country.

Mr Padgham, who formerly worked in sales and marketing for IBM and his wife, who was in the pharmaceutical industry, both had degrees but decided to embark on the BA at Swansea.

The couple, who have four children and eight grand children, then went on to get their PhDs.

Mr Padgham said: “It has been hard work but we have loved every moment.

“One of the great joys was being able to do it together.”

Their studies have involved a number of return visits to Egypt and are planning another trip next year.

They are working on adapting their theses to be to be published as a book and catching up on tasks they have not had time for, like decorating.