Schools across the county have been hit with swine flu outbreaks in the last few days.

Schools in Devizes, Calne and Corsham have reported cases.

Headteacher Andrew Marsh-Ballard has confirmed a case of swine flu at the Priestley Primary School site in Calne, while two students at John Bentley School are being tested for the illness Parents were handed a letter as they picked their children up from Priestley School on Tuesday informing them of a suspected case, which was confirmed as swine flu yesterday.

It has not been disclosed if the patient is a child or staff member, or if they attended the school, nursery or children’s centre on site.

Mr Marsh-Ballard said: “We are following advice from NHS Wiltshire and the advice we have been given is to stay open.

“We only have one confirmed case on the site and it is business as usual.

“I can say there is one confirmed case, but I am not at liberty to disclose if it is a child or member of staff.”

One mother with a five-year-old daughter at the school said she was told of a suspected case by letter on Tuesday.

The mother, who asked not to be named, said: “My daughter came home with a letter saying there had been a suspected case of swine flu at the school.

“They would not confirm if it was a child from the school or the nursery – this is a bit worrying as the children go to the nursery for after school activities.

“All they said was that it was on site and the school would not be closing.”

The mother has since been told by a friend that there are more suspected cases of the illness at Priestley School, but this has not been confirmed.

“My friend said that there are at least five suspected cases in the school,” she said.

“On Tuesday there was only one case but now there could be five and apparently someone in my daughter’s class could have it.

“She has gone to school because I work and I do not have the luxury of taking time off for her to stay at home.”

Parents at St Joseph’s RC Primary School in Devizes were told on Tuesday a teaching assistant has contracted the disease.

Headteacher Sheila Jones said: “Most parents have taken the news well and without any panic. We have given out information and contact numbers.

“We were advised to keep the school open. Other schools in the area have cases and there is no concern around the school.”

Last week a 14-year-old girl at Devizes School was thought to have contracted the disease but she was given the all-clear after having tests on Friday.

Her step-father said: “They thought she might have it because she had flu and she had met people from Priory College in Bath where there is swine flu.

“But she has been given the all-clear and is back at school.”

Although many parents picking their children up at St Joseph’s on Tuesday afternoon were quite content with the way the school was handling the situation, others were not so sure.

Rose Head, of Avon Road, who was picking up her granddaughter, said: “I am definitely concerned. It’s very worrying. My grandson went to his induction at Devizes School last week and he got a letter warning about swine flu. I don’t know what we can do about it. Nobody seems to be doing anything.”

Retired GP Dr Barbara Gompels, who was collecting her youngest child from school, said that the medical profession was becoming more relaxed about the pandemic.

She said: “My brother-in-law is a microbiologist and he says they are now scaling things down because the virus doesn’t seem to be as serious as first thought.”At John Bentley School two students are being tested after showing symptoms of the illness.

Headteacher Gordon Trafford said: “We have two suspected cases of swine flu, although neither have been confirmed. Like all schools we are following all guidelines and will stay open.”

The Corsham School headteacher Martin Williams sent home a letter to parents yesterday saying a member of the school community had contracted the disease.

The Gazette understands the person affected is a teaching assistant.

Maggie Rae, joint director of public health for NHS Wiltshire and Wiltshire Council said that, despite a number of cases reported at schools across the county, swine flu is not spreading faster than expected and symptoms are generally mild.

She said “I feel people in the county are keeping calm and even being good humoured about the situation.”

Cases are no longer being confirmed because the virus has gone past the containment phase and doctors are now dealing with cases on an individual basis.