The disenchantment with the major political parties over MPs’ expenses was blamed for Devizes Guardians taking three of the four Devizes seats on the new Wiltshire Council.

The local conservation party was jubilant at their success, ousting three Conservative former district councillors.

In Devizes and Roundway South Jeff Ody took the seat with 549 votes, ahead of Tory Ray Parsons with 475. Mr Ody, who was one of two district councillors for Devizes South, was not present at the count at Devizes leisure centre on Friday.

Judy Rose, secretary of the Guardians, said: “Jeff has a longstanding family commitment but he will be absolutely delighted with the result.

“People generally are very disillusioned with the major parties over the MPs’ expenses scandal, which has been very good news for us.”

Nigel Carter, the successful Guardian candidate in Devizes North, also had to leave to attend a family funeral before his result was announced.

He narrowly defeated his Conservative opponent, Paula Winchcombe, by 381 votes to 367. Mrs Winchcombe was devastated by the result.

She said: “The national situation has not helped us at all. But I’m still a town councillor for the next few years and will continue to serve the people of Devizes to the best of my ability.”

Another shock was delivered in Devizes East where last year’s mayor, Jane Burton, took the seat for Devizes Guardians.

She said: “I’m thrilled to bits. It’s quite exciting because it’s all new and no one knows how it’s all going to work.

“I stood because I didn’t want Devizes swallowed up in a big new council. There will be fewer people for local people to bring their problems to so I wanted them to have their say.”

The Guardians were prevented from making a clean sweep of Devizes wards when Laura Mayes took the Roundway ward for the Conservatives.

She was by no means confident of winning but in the end she took the seat with 522 votes against 210 for Liberal Democrat Mark Fell and 204 for Devizes Guardian Ted East.

She said she was absolutely thrilled to have won. Mrs Mayes said: “I had to work very hard and the turnout was very low. But I am pleased to have won and I will represent the people of Roundway to the best of my ability.”

Devizes Guardians were set up in 2001 in the furore surrounding the felling of five London plane trees in Devizes Market Place despite a vociferous campaign to save them.