Robbie Williams fan Joyce Davies could hardly believe her luck when she spotted her hero in Devizes and even managed a brief conversation with the superstar who has moved into a new home in Wiltshire.

Joyce from Rowde was in town at about 3.30pm when she spotted Robbie outside the library.

at around 3.30 pm across road from She said: "He had just got in the pasengers side of a black 4x4. I did not see who was in the drivers side. I was on the path with two young girls who I had followed to go see Robbie. "We were so close to him we beckond him to wind the window down, which to our surprise he did to our surprise and he said 'arite'. Then, as the driver drove off slow, Robbie waved and said 'see ya later'.

"I tried to blow Robbie a kiss but I was in shock and could not focus on what to do. I was thinking 'phone in bag, get it out and take a pic' but could not do it"

If you see Robbie let us know