An autographed thank you note from Beatle Paul McCartney and other stars fetched £2,000 at an auction on Saturday.

The auction consisted of several items with the signatures of the fab four on including a signed shirt and books.

There was also Lorna Bailey Sgt Pepper Beatles character jugs, a Beatles cushion and a rug. The shirt made over £300 with commission and was obtained by the seller when the group stayed at The Park Lane Hotel, London.

There were six telephone bids for the book. It contained the autographs of not just The Beatles but also The Rolling Stones, Freddie and the Dreamers, Billy J Kramer and many more.

The Beatles set included a personal message from Paul McCartney signed “To Mike, Thanks a lot for the use of your amp. Great working with you TA!! P McCartney."

It belonged to 60s Liverpool session guitarist Mike French, who gave the book to a couple from Bristol to sell to raise funds for their proposed emigration to Australia 25 years ago.

They did not make the trip and when sorting through their belongings recently found the book again.

It was eventually sold after some feverish bidding for £2,000 plus commission and unsurprisingly was bought by a phone bidder from where else but Liverpool.

Another autograph scrap book contained the signatures of the stage and screen from the 1940s.

The book had the signatures of John Wayne, The Andrews Sisters, Carmen Miranda, Tony Martin, Richard Attenborough and many more. This was sold for £520.

Auctioneer Peter Weeks was pleased with the results and looks forward to more sales of this nature in the future. “Autographs and collectors items are becoming a valuable commodity in the market place. It is no longer just about antique furniture as you can see from the sale today," he said.

"We had sports memorabilia and toys all alongside medals form wars and all were sold.”