Grieving parents Patrick Wyles and Anna Webb say vandalism to land near where their son is buried is adding to their heartache.

Sam Wyles, 12, died in September when a mini tractor he was driving on the family’s land turned over and crushed him.

The couple, of Moor Green, Neston, buried their son on their own land and friends and family planted trees nearby.

But now the oasis of calm they created is being destroyed by frequent damage to a fence that runs between a footpath and the field where Sam is buried.

Mr Wyles, who owns Hi-Tech Engraving in Neston, noticed when he had bought the MoD land at an auction that barbed wire fencing, which separates a public footpath running down the centre of the 14 acres, had been cut.

He said: “I didn’t get round to repairing the fence straight away because of Sam’s death. When I eventually did, I didn’t think about the vandalism.

“The next day I went back and it had been broken again, this time it looked like it had been trampled on because it’s not very strong.

The fence had been originally put up by John Doohan, of Westwells who had rented the land from the MoD before it went up for sale last year.

Mr Wyles said: “People know we have had a hard few months with Sam’s death so why would they want to do this.”

“When Sam was buried in September we requested that people donate trees instead of bouquets so that we had something memorable that will last years and that would be good for everyone, including wildlife.

“Each tree has a plaque on with the name of the person who has donated it and saying what type of tree it is.”

Mandy Clarke, of Westwells, who was Sam’s dinner lady when he was a pupil at Neston Primary School, lights a lantern for him near to where he is buried every evening.

One of Mr Wyles’ cherished memories of his son, who went onto Corsham School, was his love for fixing things.

He said: “He was a very gifted little boy as well with a great mechanical mind.

“On the day he died he fixed a lawnmower for a neighbour who had brought it round after having problems with it.”

The couple do not want to involved the police and hope the vandals will stop when they realise the heartache that they are causing.