English Heritage and The National Trust have launched a consultation on the future of prehistoric human remains excavated from sites in and around Avebury.

The remains are now kept in the Alexander Keiller Museum in Avebury but a decision needs to be made to secure their long-term home.

In 2006 the Council of British Druid Orders (CoBDO) requested the bones, dating back to 2,000 - 3,700 BC, be reburied.

Now organisations and members of the public are invited to comment on a draft report compiled by English Heritage and The National Trust, which outlines their findings and views on the relationship between CoBDO and the human remains, the cultural, spiritual and religious significance of the remains and their scientific, educational and historic value.

They are also invited to give their views on how the bones should be kept.

Dr Sebastian Payne, Chief Scientist at English Heritage, said: "This request raises sensitive and important issues about religious beliefs surrounding human remains, and the value of these remains in telling us about our shared past. "It is likely to set a precedent for treating other similar requests. "Avebury is also a World Heritage Site. We need to consult widely to decide on the best way forward."

Consultation papers and a questionnaire are available at www.english-heritage.org.uk/aveburyreburialconsultation and www.thenationaltrust.org.uk/remains.

The consultation ends on January 31.