Police are investigating a possible hate crime in Cricklade.

On May 21, one of two men walking together on the High Street made potentially racial comments towards a woman who was walking past the pair.

Wiltshire Police are unsure as to whether or not she heard the comments or not but is urging the potential victim and any witnesses to call 101 quoting reference number 54240061401.

PC Mills said "We take reports like this very seriously. Verbal abuse, threats or name-calling can be a common and extremely unpleasant experience for minority groups.

"Victims of verbal abuse are often unclear whether an offence has been committed or believe there is little they can do.

"However, there are laws in place to protect you from verbal abuse.

"If you’ve been the victim of verbal abuse, talk to the police or one of our partner organisations about what has happened.

"Even if you don’t know who verbally abused you, the information could still help us to improve how we police the area where the abuse took place."

As part of this appeal, police shared a link to a webpage with information about reporting hate crimes via wiltshire.police.uk/hatecrime