A family farm in Semington is set to launch a number of dairy vending machines when it hosts a family fun day on Saturday.

The fun day, taking place on July 13 from 10am to 4pm, will be at Woodhouse Farm, run by Robert and Lucy Noad.

The farm will launch the milk vending station in association with Golden Hooves, a regenerative dairy brand.

The station will offer regen milk, cheese, milkshakes, and a selection of locally produced items.

The event at Woodhouse Farm is part of the touring Festival of Regenerative Farming.

It will include cheese tastings, local food and crafts, a bouncy castle and nature walks.

Visitors will also get a chance to meet the farm's baby goats and chicks, and take part in a worm and beetle safari to discover how the creature aid in soil regeneration.

Lucy Noad said: "We love how we farm; working with nature, caring for our cows, and now we are going to be meeting our local community too.

"We are excited to be able to talk about what we are doing here to regenerate our planet, we hope that the milk vending machine will be more than just somewhere to buy milk."

At the new vending station, visitors can buy the farm's regenerative milk from the self-service machines.

A milkshake vending machine stocked with numerous flavours will also be available.

Another machine will be stocked with the Golden Hooves’ award-winning cheeses, as well as free range hens eggs.

There will also be produce from Wiltshire Chilli Farm and The Slow Vinegar Company, as well as sweet and savoury bakes from The Lamb on the Strand.

Leona McDonald, director of Golden Hooves, added: "We have been blown away by Robert and Lucy’s vision, drive and commitment to regenerating the earth, so we’re super excited to be launching our latest Golden Hooves vending site at Woodhouse Farm.

"We all need to engage more with where our food comes from and nothing beats heading down to a farm to pet the animals, take in the country air and eat some yummy food.

"People are curious about regenerative agriculture and how it can be a solution to climate change.

"It’s a word that is being used more and more but there’s not much information available about what it actually means, so what better way to find out than visiting one yourself and seeing it first-hand.”