A girl from Swindon is raising money for Wiltshire Air Ambulance after paramedics treated her nan when she suffered a near-fatal cardiac arrest.

Maisy, 12, was in Madrid with her mum Rebecca Gadd seeing Taylor Swift when her nan Julie Blackford – Rebecca’s mum – went into cardiac arrest.

Meanwhile back at home, Julie’s other daughter, Sam, phoned 999 while grandson Kai, 7, used what he had been taught at school to alert a neighbour, ensuring CPR was started quickly.

A team from Wiltshire Air Ambulance responded urgently and combined with Kai’s actions, saved Julie’s life. 

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Maisy was so grateful for their life-saving response that she decided to raise money for the charity and began selling the friendship bracelets she had been making for the Taylor Swift concert.

But after speaking to her auntie Sam, who had shaved her head for charity in 2013, Maisy realised it would be the best way to bring in funds and chose to spend her pocket money renting out a hall to host a fundraiser on Saturday, July 6.

Rebecca said: “It went amazingly. We were so worried that people wouldn’t turn up, but they were queueing outside half an hour before.

“She raised an incredible £788.45 at the event and a further £1330 in online donations. Her friends each took turns cutting off a ponytail and then her auntie shaved her head. It was such a lovely day, with incredible support from the community.

“It was around 65-75 people. Her old primary school teacher and teaching assistant attended, as well as a teacher from her current school (Kingsdown) who brought her brother with her. Her brother’s life was also saved by the Wiltshire Air Ambulance, so it was emotional hearing his story.

“My mum/her nan is doing really well. She was there at the event, in charge of the raffle. She cut Maisy’s last ponytail off and it was very emotional. She has limited mobility now, but considering we were told to prepare for the worst, it seemed like a miracle to have her there.

“She's incredibly proud of Maisy and was so shocked at how the community all came through to support her.”

She added: “We’ve talked about a sponsored hike in the future, which surprises me as she doesn’t even like walking to school, but she’s so passionate about the charity.”