Residents fear there could be “fatalities” at a junction, branded one of Wiltshire’s most dangerous crash blackspots, following another incident.

Drivers are still waiting for changes to be made to the A360 Black Dog Crossroads, near West Lavington, which has previously been named one of the county’s most dangerous junctions.

In the meantime, the council confirmed that another crash took place at the crossroads on Tuesday, July 2, which follows multiple other incidents that have occurred this year.

Wiltshire Council announced it was investigating the causes of a spate of collisions at the junction in January.

Councillors’ preferred solution for improving safety in the area is to realign the junction to improve sight lines for those pulling out onto the A360, by 2025.

But this scheme has been stalled by a landowner unwilling to sell land needed to complete the work, and Cllr Dominic Muns has suggested a compulsory purchase is being used to force through the proposal.

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A crash at the junction last AugustA crash at the junction last August (Image: Kimberley Brown)

Residents and motorists remain concerned about the continuing crashes at the site in the meantime, which they attribute to excessive speed and poor sight lines at the junction.

Speaking on Facebook, Terry Whichello said: “Another accident at the junction today, while those who could change it, still talk about it… it's going to take a multiple fatality to change it, isn't it?

“The accident rate is exceptionally high compared to all the other junctions in the county where the same drivers with the same level (or lack) of care drive daily also.”

Andy Walker added: “I don’t know of many junctions with the combination of poor visibility to the right and excessive speed.

“The speed of a minority of drivers makes it very difficult and often you end up with someone on your rear bumper despite it being totally clear when you pull away.”

The council says it is still working to implement changes to the layout of the crossroads.

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A crash near the junction last AugustA crash near the junction last August (Image: Ian Brewitt)

Cllr Nick Holder, cabinet member for highways, said: “We were sorry to hear of an accident that has taken place at Black Dog Crossroads on July 2.

“We are continuing to progress highways improvements for Black Dog Crossroads and we will share further updates in due course.”

In May, the council confirmed it had closed the C20 spur road north of the junction in an effort to stop drivers pulling out on a blind bend.

At the time, Cllr Holder said the order was the “first step” in making the junction safer.