Multiple homes in Wiltshire have been left without power due to an underground fault.

People living in an area of Calne will be starting their weekend in the dark after a power cut has hit the town today (Saturday, July 6).

The loss of power is affecting 30 homes across seven postcodes in the SN11 area and was first reported just before 7am.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) were made aware of the power cut and sent out engineers who were due to arrive in Calne at 9.30am.

If all goes to plan, the electric company hopes to restore power by noon.

The issue is primarily affecting homes in Rochdale Avenue, Duncan Street and Baydon Grove.

The area of Calne currently being affected by the underground faultThe area of Calne currently being affected by the underground fault (Image: SSEN)

"We're very sorry for the power cut and we are aware of a fault on our local network affecting several homes," said a spokesperson for SSEN.

"We have engineers on the way. Once they arrive, they will get straight to work investigating the fault and attempting to restore power.

"The cause of this power cut is a fault in our underground network. This is the most common type of fault we see and our teams are very experienced in dealing with these issues.

"In most cases, our engineers are able to restore power by replacing a fuse at the local substation. However, if the fault is severe, this may take us longer to fix."