Wiltshire residents may catch a glimpse of the UK’s most iconic aerobatics display team if they look to the skies.

The Red Arrows often cause excitement as they fly overhead and many in Wiltshire often keep an eye out for their exploits when they travel over the county.

Many fans in Wiltshire will be hopeful of spotting the team once again on Sunday, as they are set to travel over several Wiltshire towns on their way to RAF Brize Norton, ahead of a display and flypast at Silverstone.

The key timings to remember for Wiltshire residents are 11.30am, when the Red Arrows are expected to fly over Bradford on Avon, and 11.34am, when they are scheduled to reach the M4 just east of Swindon.

Between these times, the team is due to fly over or near several towns and villages in Wiltshire, including Melksham, Calne, and Chiseldon.

The Red Arrows will begin their journey on Sunday in Cardiff, at 11.14am and are due to reach east of Faringdon by 11.36am, before continuing on to Silverstone by 2.47pm.

This route and timings may be subject to change depending on weather or other requirements.