Pub and club owners and managers in Trowbridge are being urged to send their staff to a free training workshop aimed at protecting vulnerable customers.

The training forms part of the government’s Safer Streets initiative being backed by Wiltshire and Swindon Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Wilkinson.

Kez Garner, chair of Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce, said they need more pubs and clubs to release staff for the day-time training.

She said: “We have spare places for this PCC-funded safety training for licensees and their staff for premises in or around the town.

“On Monday (July 8), we will be at Still Sisters hosting a meeting for town centre businesses to meet with others, plus police and suppliers of CCTV and radios to discuss town centre security. All town centre business owners welcome.

“All local licensed premises and staff are welcome to come to our Wiltshire PCC event on Wednesday, 10th July for engaging free training on welfare and vulnerability.”

 The Licensed Vulnerability and Security (LVSAVI) and Welfare and Vulnerability Engagement (WAVE) training is taking place at Trowbridge Civic Centre.

Miss Garner added: “We will be diving into the important topics of welfare and vulnerability.

“Our WAVE and LSAVI training will equip you with the necessary tools to better understand what vulnerability is and also put interventions in place.

“In partnership with Safer Business Network Training, they will take you through the accredited and award-winning programme.”

The WAVE training will help staff to build confidence, skills and knowledge in vulnerability, spiking awareness, the ‘Ask for Angela’ initiative, and becoming a safe haven.

LSAVI will take pub and club licensees through the process of getting their venue accredited and how to achieve this.

The Wiltshire and Swindon PCC has ploughed almost £1 million into the scheme to employ street wardens to protect women and young girls enjoying a Friday or Saturday night out in Trowbridge town centre.

Street warden Stephen Pink and his son Sean Pink, from Andover-based Venture Security, walk the streets from 8pm to 4am.

Their role is to support and assist members of the public where they may be vulnerable or at risk, particularly women and girls.

They engage with the local community, act as a guardian presence to improve feelings of safety, and provide a visible deterrent to anti-social behaviour.

To reserve places at the training sessions for your licensee and staff, visit