A town council in Wiltshire is pushing for a change to the speed limit after claiming that a key A-road is still unsafe.

The A4 is a major road which runs all the way through the small town of Marlborough, and several safety concerns have been raised about the road over the years.

For Manton motorists heading east, it involves an almost blind turning onto the fast road.

Campaigns by the Manton Residents Association to see more safety measures introduced first began in 2006, and many residents have expressed particular concern that the 40mph section is too short to effectively slow approaching traffic coming into the town.

Now, Marlborough Town Council has united to push for a change to the speed limit, better signage, and the introduction of a traffic island.

Residents who have spent years claiming the A4 Bath Road in Marlborough is 'unsafe' might finally see a change.Residents who have spent years claiming the A4 Bath Road in Marlborough is 'unsafe' might finally see a change. (Image: Google Maps)

"A proposal to extend the 40mph for a distance of 52 metres so that it goes beyond the turning for Downs Lane has been agreed with Wiltshire Council, which is now consulting on the proposal," said a spokesperson for Marlborough Town Council.

The proposed new 40mph zoneThe proposed new 40mph zone (Image: Wiltshire Council)

“The council supports this proposal as it features as part of a 5-point traffic calming scheme proposed by Manton’s Resident Association, aimed to make that section of road safer for both pedestrians, school children, and drivers who want to turn onto the A4.

“The scheme is part of a substantive bid to Wiltshire Council by the Marlborough Town Council and the Local Highways Footpath and Improvement Group."

Motorists turning onto the busy A4 face a partially-blind turningMotorists turning onto the busy A4 face a partially-blind turning (Image: Google Maps)

If approved, the new 40mph speed limit would be introduced from a point 234 meters west of the A4's junction with College Fields to a point 52 meters west of its junction with Downs Lane.

'Substantive funding' had already been agreed by Wiltshire Council for a range of safety measures on the A4 Bath Road, and a recent consultation carried out by Wiltshire Council will determine if plans go ahead.

“A variety of comments were received some expressing support, and some expressing the view that the 40mph limit should be extended further to the west of Downs Lane," said Councillor Nick Holder, cabinet member for highways.

“In addition to the proposed speed limit change, we are also proposing the introduction of a central traffic island in close proximity which will help to slow traffic and anticipate this will be install this Autumn during the programmed road closure for resurfacing work.”