McDonald’s has scrapped plans for another restaurant in Wiltshire and some have said they are 'not said' to hear about the cancelled takeaway plans.

Fast food giant McDonald's had been all set to open a second Chippenham branch at Hathaway Retail Park after having multiple planning applications approved.

Despite getting the green light from Wiltshire Council to make changes to the site, McDonald's announced on Saturday, June 22 that it no longer had plans to move forward with any venture at the unit.

“This is no longer a site we’re looking to take on," said a spokesperson for McDonald's.

Some have since come forward to say that they're 'not sad' about the cancellation.

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McDonald's had been set to take over Bensons for Beds in ChippenhamMcDonald's had been set to take over Bensons for Beds in Chippenham (Image: Newsquest)

"Given the level of concern raised at the Chippenham Town Council planning environment and transport committee, I think this is welcome news," posted Chippenham councillor Clare Cape on Facebook.

"The disadvantages of a further chain, generally unhealthy or processed food and the risk of increased littering were raised.

"We have some excellent independent cafes and restaurants serving delicious, healthy and more sustainable food."

Others have questioned on Facebook why Chippenham would need two McDonald's at all.

"The addition of fast food restaurants has never improved a town," posted Steph Parker.

Chippenham already has one McDonald's but will no longer be gaining a second.Chippenham already has one McDonald's but will no longer be gaining a second. (Image: Newsquest)

This is not the first McDonald's in Wiltshire to have faced a U-turn in recent months, as a proposal for a new drive-thru in Hilperton was also cancelled when Wiltshire Council refused plans in December 2023.

The now-scrapped plans for Chippenham have also been controversial since they were put forward, with concerns raised about worsening traffic at the retail park.

“When you look at the New Road, Malmesbury Road, Langley Road junction, it’s an absolute shambles with traffic," Cllr David Poole previously told the Gazette and Herald.

“This is only going to add to it and we as councillors would be failing our duty not to highlight the problems this may create."

The news of the cancelled plans leaves the long-term future of the store in doubt, and real estate firm Savills has relisted the unit as available to let on property website Rightmove.

The site had previously been described as “under offer”, but the listing no longer says this is the case.