Two Marlborough companies have been praised for their collaboration and quick thinking to help save the lives of two newborn kittens.

The kittens were first found near to the rooftop of Greatwood at Rainscombe Hill Farm in Marlborough just weeks after a stray cat believed to be the mother first arrived in the yard.

The organisation, which cares for and rehomes former racehorses, says that the kittens are believed to have been born in the yard and became stuck between two walls near the roof.

"It was a few weeks later we realised that she had hidden away a litter of kittens in a very narrow space between two walls," said a spokesperson for Greatwood.

"Sadly they'd grown too much for the Mum to move them and we couldn't reach them.

"They wouldn't survive this searing heat."

The kittens were wedged high up in a hot narrow space between two walls.The kittens were wedged high up in a hot narrow space. (Image: Greatwood)

But thanks to the staff's quick thinking, Greatwood sought advice from Marlborough Town Council and within half an hour Dol from T H White Country Store arrived to help retrieve the kittens.

A ladder was set up to help carry the kittens and their mother into safety.

"We're happy to have played a small part in this and well done T H White and all involved," said a spokesperson for Marlborough Town Council.

The two kittens are now in the process of being adopted by two members of the Greatwood team who will give them their forever home, and the stray Mum has been neutered.