The tagging of bus shelters has been described as unacceptable in a Wiltshire Council cabinet meeting.

Councillors were told that graffiti on a bus shelter near Trowbridge County Hall is “pretty awful” in a meeting held on Tuesday, June 18.

David Redgewell, representing South West Transport Network and Rail Future Severnside, said: “We are concerned that there doesn’t appear to be any logging by the council of graffiti and damaged bus shelters, and also, that at present, there doesn’t appear to be in place a contract to remove the graffiti.

“It doesn’t say welcome to Trowbridge, when I get off a metro train this morning, that outside this council office is a tagged bus shelter that looks pretty awful.”

He added that although services are well-provided in South West England, the infrastructure “needs attention.”

Samantha Howell, the head of highways and transport at Wiltshire Council, said: “We have a strong approach to enforcement, and we are fully committed to our bus service improvement plan, to make improvements to all our public transport infrastructure.

“We are working closely with the Police Crime Commissioner in terms of all antisocial behaviour including graffiti.”

The leader of the council, Richard Clewer, concluded: “We need to be taking a firm line on anything like this, because the more you allow it, the more it happens.”