Pubs across Wiltshire will receive unannounced visits from public protection officers checking in on licensed premises likely to be showing the Euros football games.

Venues in England and Wales will be allowed to extend licensing hours on the day of any semi-final involving a home nation team and on the day of final of the tournament, should a home nation team be participating.

The extension will be for two hours from 11pm until 1am for consumption of alcohol on the premises and provision of late-night refreshment in licenced premises.

Wiltshire Council’s licensing committee received this update from the public protection’s licensing team at its meeting on Monday, June 17.

According to the public protection’s licensing team, the unannounced officer visits will be to “offer advice and support” and will be “based on the officers’ own knowledge of premises likely to be showing the football games.”

The semi-finals of the Euros are scheduled for July 9 and 10, with the final of the tournament scheduled for July 14.

The committee was told that if neither the England team nor the Scotland team reach the semi-final, then normal licensing hours will apply on July 9 and 10.

If either, or both, teams reach the semi-final, but neither team is in the final, normal licensing hours will apply on July 14.