A rugby club is planning to build a new memorial wall in collaboration with local businesses in celebration of its 90th year.

Marlborough Rugby Club first arrived on Marlborough's Common in 1934 and has been making history on the land ever since.

The club, which has mini, junior, and colt sections as well as walking rugby and girls’ rugby, will celebrate its milestone with a unique wall fixed to the outside of its clubhouse and made out of engraved bricks.

90 commemorative bricks, one for each year that the rugby club has been playing on The Common, will be made available for locals and businesses to buy and engrave their name into for £200 each so that they become cemented into the site's history. 

"You can leave your mark with a personalised brick, bearing your name, to help create a lasting tribute and pave the way for the Club's future," said a spokesperson for Marlborough Rugby Club.

"Individuals and businesses can purchase bricks by contacting info@mrfc.co.uk.

"This will help raise funds for Marlborough Rugby, and the charity Wooden Spoon will also benefit. So, don’t delay if you want to be part of this celebration - buy your brick now."

Marlborough Common, the home of Marlborough Rugby Club, is one of the UK’s many pieces of historic ‘common land’ which means the public owns the legal right to roam over it.

The land on Frees Avenue is well-used by dog walkers, runners, and sports players, and also hosts circuses, fairs and car boot sales, so the club hope that their new wall will be visible to all.

The new wall will be attached to the clubhouse on Marlborough Common, one of the UK’s many pieces of historic ‘common land’.The new wall will be attached to the clubhouse on Marlborough Common, one of the UK’s many pieces of historic ‘common land’. (Image: Newsquest)

The limited number of bricks went up for sale on June 15, and funds raised from the memorial wall will go towards supporting the charity Wooden Spoon.

Wooden Spoon is a children's rugby charity which helps disadvantaged young people and those with disabilities across the UK to get involved in the sport.

This includes funding life-changing sensory rooms and gardens, specialist equipment and other facilities.

Although no exact date has been given yet for when the building of the wall will be complete, Marlborough Rugby say they plan to host an unveiling event for those who have purchased a brick before the new season starts.